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Stride-Music-Matched Running - Hands Free

  • Run to the beat of the music - Run faster and the app picks a faster song, slow and the app will select a slower song.
  • Automatically matches your pace to the beats of your music - we don't sell music.
  • Tap "Just Go" and Upbeat Workouts synchs strides to tempo.
  • Tap "Coached Workouts" and get free (or you can buy) workouts from our coaches.
  • Tap "Fixed Cadence" and you set the strides-per-minute and keep up with the beat of the music.
  • Tap "Auto-Mode" and you just run and the music will follow your running cadence.

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Which One is Best? A Smartphone App? An Activity Tracker? A Heart Rate Monitor?

The answer to this question - Which One is Best? - is that it depends. Smartphone with UpBeat Workouts makes the feeling of discomfort less and the time to fatigue longer - you simply can go further with synched matched music as you move. Heart rate monitors measure and monitor the quality of your activity. Activity trackers measure and monitor the quantity of your activity. The two are quite different. Heart rate monitors are measuring the load or the stress on your body. Read More

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Sacramento Magazine

10 Best Items "Made in Sacramento": Upbeat Workouts

Fit for Life, Western Health Advantage, Winter 2012 Newsletter

From triathlon competitions and running shoe stores to heart monitor innovations, Sally Edwards is all about exercise and invites you to join View the article

Upbeat Workouts is App of the Week on Good Day Sacramento


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Feedback from our users

“Runners—you'll want to get this app—Upbeat Workouts! I've been running with an iPod shuffle for as long as can remember. You know how you get a sudden burst of energy in the middle of your run when the right song comes along? Now you can have just the right song at the right time to keep your pace up for your entire run. I need motivation so I bought an iPod Touch just so I could have this fabulous app and the upbeat coaching that I needed.”

— Susan L. Kane
Certified Triathlon Coach
Park Ridge, IL